New Pupils may be given a one lesson free trial at the Principal’s discretion. Class fees at PNSA Bromley are paid one month in advance and are due on the first class date of the month or before. All payment is via cheque or cash for the first month and via standing order for all periods thereafter, without exception. Monthly payments are spread over the full 12 months of the year - the classes operate for 46 weeks a year and that payment is spread over 52 weeks which makes the payments per month slightly cheaper. For more information on fees click here. In the event of a student wishing to leave the school, the Principal must be informed in writing (hard copy or email only) by the parent or guardian responsible for that student (if the pupil is eighteen or older, then they may inform the Principal in writing themselves). If a pupil leaves, their payment until the end of that month is non refundable. It is the student’s responsibility (or their parent or guardian) to cancel standing orders which are entirely in the control of the student or their parent or guardian. If standing orders are not cancelled, it will be assumed that the student wishes to continue at PNSA Bromley and these fees are non refundable. Please note that there are no refunds for missed classes under any circumstances. If PNSA Bromley is forced to cancel a class (for example due to bad weather or other similar circumstances) an extra class will be added at a later date. Additional classes - for show rehearsals etc - will be costed separately. All students must have at least one PNSA tee-shirt or sweat shirt which they will be required to wear on all appropriate occasions. In addition, other garments can also be purchased (’hoodies’, baseball caps etc). These are all sold at cost to pupils at very reasonable prices. All pupils and/or their parents or guardians will have these terms and conditions drawn to their attention and are deemed to have read and agreed to them before joining PNSA Bromley. The Principal’s decision in all matters is final. and we will email you back with answers to any questions you’ve raised. For Class Fees click here. All images, text & PDF documents on this website are copyright © John Treadaway 2011 Use or reproduction without prior written permission is PROHIBITED. Call us now on 020 8462 9447 or 07764762010