How much does a class at Paul Nicholas School of Acting & Performing Arts Bromley cost? Class fees (from May 1st 2011) at PNSA Bromley are very reasonable: One class for one child for one hour is £5.50  and a two hour class for one child is £10.00. Check the classes available to see which applies as classes are of differing lengths. Although initially fees will be payable on the night, it is best to start a standing order as soon possible as this will spread the cost over the full 52 weeks of a year (the classes only operate for 46 weeks a year). Examples of standing order costs based on ONE child are listed below: STANDING ORDER AMOUNTS 1 Hour Class: £21.08 2 Hour Class: £38.33 3 Hours of Classes: £59.41 MONTHLY CHEQUE AMOUNTS 1 Hour Class: £24.21 2 Hour Class: £44.00 3 Hours of Classes: £68.21 For Monthly cheque amounts ONLY you will be notified of December’s fee in November. For more than one child, multiples of the above rates will apply and can be calculated for you. For TERMS & CONDITIONS click here and we will email you back with answers to any questions you’ve raised about prices. Bromley Big Dance The Starpower Troupe Warming up exercise Call us now on 020 8462 9447 or 07764762010